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Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders are able to increase performance and innovation through their skills in adaptability, building relationships and developing talent. Being an Inclusive leader gets the best out of a workforce and helps organisations succeed in today’s complex and diverse environment. Culture Change

Successful Inclusive Leadership Involves:


Enabling direct reporting to develop and succeed.


Putting personal interests aside to achieve what needs to be done; acting on convictions and principles even when it requires personal risk-taking.


Admitting mistakes, learning from criticism and different points of view; acknowledging and seeking contributions of others to overcome one’s limitations.


Demonstrating confidence in direct reports by holding them responsible for performance they can control.

All of our programmes are developed in partnership with clients but a typical one-day programme addresses the following learning outcomes:


How to develop a diverse talent and maximise team performance

Raise awareness of own biases and preferences

Identify leadership styles, building trust and valuing difference

Build self-awareness, understanding own biases and preference, to inform better decision-making

How to become a positive role model and develop talent

Create a shared vision to inspire and drive organisational and individual performance

“The use of actors in scenarios worked well and the role playing they delivered was to a high standard.”

Defence Academy

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