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How We Do It

It’s All About Performance

We are passionate about implementing transformative behavioural and cultural change and have been doing so in a dramatically different way for almost 25 years. Whether using live, virtual or other media approaches, our creative methods prove to drive engagement and are charged with an energy that touches everyone involved.

Our learning initiatives are bespoke – designed with you, for you. Through immersive research, we ensure your reality and issues are mirrored in powerful performances that enable people to recognise situations, characters and behaviours. By challenging mindsets through skilful facilitation, individuals can see the part they play on the journey to an inclusive workplace.  

Our methods provide:

What We Do

“The Garnett Foundation produced a first-class bespoke package that is interactive and thought-provoking. It is already having a significant positive impact on the culture within the organisation.”

Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy 

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