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“The training was based of real evidence and was portrayed in an effective manner. This allowed the group to discuss the elements of the training as we progressed through the course. Unlike online training we were able to interact with the trainer to gain a much better understanding.”


Defence Intelligence AI robots


To build on the outcomes of last year’s MOD People Survey Results, and explore the impact on operating practices and relationships as a result of increased remote working.


To design a face-to-face bespoke training solution incorporating scenario-based learning to support understanding of our individual and collective responsibility to create a culture where everyone can speak up and feel valued. By collaboratively identifying the behaviours, actions and mindsets that support building an inclusive team, unacceptable behaviours including bullying and harassment were outlined and understood. The important role of bystanders in creating a culture that supports fairness, active listening and learning was also explored.


Participants draw up an action plan for change which included more regular communication and discussion around inclusion/exclusion: tools to support role modelling and greater promotion of bystander responsibility.  87% of participants rated the programme extremely/very valuable.

“The day went well, with a high level of audience engagement”

Martin Taylor, Strategic Command

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