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Drama-based training reflects the true work-based culture and how it can transform to create a united team

Values, Standards and Behaviours

Values and behaviour represent the DNA of an organisation and are reflected in what people do and how they do it. A healthy organisational culture is exhibited through fairness and respect, which can significantly influence performance and attitude. Our methodology aims to involve people in an organisation-wide conversation, looking at new ways to model involvement and engagement.

We bring to life the reality of workplace culture, exploring what is presently done and how it can be transformed by:






Staff surveys and organisational climate assessments are valuable tools to gather the experience and opinion of staff on a range of themes to ascertain the ‘climate’ of the organisation.  We deliver a programme to equip focus group leaders with facilitation, assessment and reporting skills to encourage staff to confidently articulate their honest views and lived experiences.

How we transform workplace culture

“The feedback across the board was all remarkably positive, pretty much unprecedented in its positivity in my experience.”

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

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