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In session drama based training performance, exhibiting the importance of teamwork

Live Drama

Using live, interactive drama is the essence of all of our learning programmes. It is designed to create a metaphorical mirror reflecting prevalent behaviours, interactions and attitudes within the workplace. Characters are formed and scripts are developed following immersive research into the organisation with focus on the learning outcomes.

Observation of live drama drives discussion and enquiry, providing a unique opportunity for the audience to develop self-knowledge and awareness in a non-judgmental, open learning environment. Drama based training


Business Theatre

A live theatrical experience is an excellent way for actors to communicate directly with workplace personnel, highlighting recognisable challenges, engaging all the senses and encouraging empathy and engagement.

Corporate Drama and Monologues

Powerfully delivered by an experienced team of professional actors reflecting real issues, real people and real challenges. Used to explore bias and perspectives, and to stimulate self-reflection and discussion.

Forum Theatre

A highly interactive and revealing way of exploring issues using actors directed by the audience. Whilst the performing is left to our team of professional actors, the audience are able to stop and start the performance suggesting alternative actions which create a different outcome. Through lively discussion participants develop empathy and understanding of consequences and eliminates the stress experienced through role play!


Participants speak directly to the characters from the play/scenario to ‘unpick’ issues, improve understanding, challenge perceptions, build empathy and develop appropriate communication styles.

'Particular praise was drawn towards the actors, for giving such realistic character portrayals. Also their ability to ad lib and step in and out of character at a moment’s notice was great.'

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

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