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Defence Equipment  and Support

“Overall we are looking to build a ‘just safety’ culture whereby people feel they can put their hand up to honest mistakes and we can learn from them rather than being persecuted.”

Paige Muxworthy, Quality, Safety & Environmental Protection, MOD Abbey Wood

Example of DE&S at work


To develop a short training programme under the strapline “Delivery Focused; Safety Driven” to support the foundations of a just and fair safety culture.

We were required to address areas of concern, practically and realistically to promote safe practices. Our programme aimed to encourage staff commitment to preventing error, the embedding of and consistent approach to safety, an overall commitment to improvement and the means to undergo fair investigation without persecution.

What we did:

Gathered organisation-specific information to embed into a carefully crafted piece of live theatre based around a courtroom scenario involving the client as both the prosecution and defence.


Enabling the audience to get involved by using handsets to vote on whether the suspect was guilty or innocent. This offered a springboard to discuss the implications of the information shown in the scenario and the relevance to safety culture.


  1. Identifying a blame culture

  2. Managing the impact of organisational change on safety

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