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“We engaged the services of the Garnett Foundation within DBS as we looked to address inclusion within the workplace. The sessions were more meaningful than generic training courses because of the in-depth research into each workplace they visited and the staff found the format incredibly powerful, insightful and the overwhelming feedback was that the sessions had a potent impact.”

DBS Engagement Manager

Representation of Defence Business Services at work


To advance DBS’s ‘Defence Diversity and Inclusion Programme’ by exploring behaviours and culture. The training needed to include a combination of engaging and non-threatening learning approaches to be aimed at all staff and delivered to key sites.

How we did it:

Following a session at the senior team conference, we went on to design a roadshow set of events to travel around the country. Informed by our detailed research, each set of workshops was tailored to reflect organisation-wide issues, as well as those specific to each location including staff feeling valued, training needs and customer interaction.


We enabled staff to explore what an inclusive culture looks like; recognising the value and importance of diversity and inclusion in relation to the service they provide. We were also able to increase awareness of the issues that might prevent them from creating an inclusive culture.


The events were a great success with nearly 100% saying they would recommend it to a colleague, describing the training as ‘thought provoking, engaging, realistic and valuable’. Attendees said that the training helped them to think about their own language and behaviour and agreed they are now more aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion at work. Many suggested our workshops should become a mandatory training programme

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