Inclusive Leadership

Through inclusive leadership, organisations place inclusion and diversity at the heart of their business model.  For many, there is an unarguable commercial case to embrace increasingly diverse markets, customers, talents and ideas.

Fairness, inclusion and diversity enshrined in a organisation’s corporate values improves business effectiveness.  Driving culture change, or building and reinforcing corporate values, is not easy. It has to be an organisation-wide effort, driven by the leadership and underpinned by policies, procedures and training – whilst maintaining ‘business as usual’.

Delivering cultural and behavioural change

We work hand-in-glove with our clients to ensure that our programmes meet their specific needs and expectations. We specialise in programmes involving large numbers of delegates – essential for delivering broad cultural change, and enables us to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Through our experiential drama-based training programmes, we can:

  • CHALLENGE entrenched attitudes
  • BUILD shared aspirations and understanding of the business case
  • LEVERAGE core inclusive leadership behaviours
  • HELP build a culture of inclusion

“Inclusive leaders get the best out of all their people, helping their organisations to succeed in today’s complex, diverse national and global environment. Through their skills in adaptability, building relationships and developing talent, inclusive leaders are able to increase performance and innovation.”

Inclusive Leadership: Culture Change for Business Success, report by Opportunity Now and Shapiro Consulting



A 2014 report on Inclusive Leadership: Culture Change for Business Success produced by Opportunity Now and Shapiro Consulting, explored how five pioneering organisations, including the British Army, helped form a five point framework to develop and embed inclusive leadership.

British Army

Case studies highlight how the Army went about embedding diversity and inclusion into their existing leadership framework.

The Garnett Foundation has been responsible for designing and delivering these elements into core leadership programmes, including for new recruits.

The report also highlighted a training DVD we produced on Challenging Behaviours with the aim of developing behaviours and actions that characterise great inclusive leaders.

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