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Diversity and Inclusion

Progressive organisations place inclusion and diversity at the heart of their operational model. For many, there is an unarguable business, moral and legal case to create an inclusive environment where everyone can flourish and feel valued as individuals and members of a team.

Driving culture change, or building and reinforcing corporate values is not easy. It has to be an organisation-wide effort, driven by leadership and underpinned by policies, procedures and training – whilst maintaining ‘business as usual.

To achieve a genuinely inclusive and diverse working culture, requires winning the hearts and minds of the whole workforce. We take people on a journey, raising awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion, and the need to create a shared culture of acceptable behaviours, equality and respect.  

Diversity & Inclusion training:

Creating inclusive workplaces

Specific focus on protected characteristics

Raising awareness around diversity and inclusion

Developing inclusive leadership skills

Tackling bullying and harassment

Dignity and respect at work

Inclusive recruitment

Specific issue training, e.g., mental health, reasonable adjustment


Culture and values

Climate assessment focus groups

Unconscious bias

Bystander responsibility

"The Garnett Foundation are a valuable training asset to the Armed Forces, the training they deliver for our Sergeants and soldiers is exceptional"

AGC Mil Trg Sqn

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