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Scenario demonstrating bullying and harassment within a unit, to encourage positive behaviour outcomes.

Bullying and Harassment

Designed to inspire positive change 

Bullying and harassment are indicative of an unhealthy working culture. It can be damaging to the victim, the bystander and ultimately the performance of the team as a whole.  If left unchecked it can lead to a lack of attendance, increased staff turnover and potentially costly legal claims as well as the more ominous prospect of a toxic work environment.

An inclusive culture empowers individuals to examine their personal impact and take responsibility for it. This leads to clarity and recognition of unacceptable standards of behaviours and having the confidence to address them. Bystander responsibility is also a powerful means to challenge unacceptable behaviour and language in the workplace. 

Our training programmes support organisations on how to build an inclusive culture and help tackle bullying and harassment. Our training reinforces how to challenge unacceptable language, counter micro-aggressions and underline bystander responsibility. 

Topics Include:

Bystander responsibility


Protective characteristics

Difficult conversations

Support mechanisms

Unconscious bias

Behaviour Standards

"The training we received was first class.  It was pitched perfectly for the audience and from the start everyone was put at ease which allowed the discussion/break out rooms to flow. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and gained a lot from it"


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