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I knew traditional classroom style training would not achieve one of our objectives to challenge and change values and beliefs. The response to Valuing and Managing Difference workshops has exceeded my expectations and you can see change taking place on a daily basis.
Alison O’Connor HR Director, Arriva plc

The Garnett Foundation

With our roots firmly in improving personal and business performance our mission is to be at the forefront of bespoke, powerful programmes that win hearts and minds and by doing so improve how people perform at work.   We are passionate about what we do, why? Because it makes a positive difference.

Are you striving to…

  • Instill behaviours that support your values?
  • Develop inclusive leaders?
  • Involve stakeholders in shaping your services?        contact us plus phone
  • Energise a culture change?
  • Develop and retain talent?
  • Communicate complex messages?
  • Improve customer service?
  • Turn policies into practice?

Diversity business theatre




More than 125,000 individuals have experienced one of our drama-based events since 2000.

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The Garnett Foundation

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