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“We have put in place the first steps towards an ambitious programme of improvement activities to provide a working environment that is rewarding, enjoyable and establishes the SDA as a thriving place to work for our workforce.”

Ian Booth SDA Chief Executive

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When we met with the SDA, they were a relatively new organisation whose aim was to develop a shared culture and set of behaviours that promoted the creation of inclusive, productive teams.

What we did:

We ran focus groups with a mix of staff from across the SDA to establish an understanding of current culture, performance and behaviours. The themes, issues, and content of the training were shaped by the client, developing the programme with us.


An interactive face-to-face training programme was implemented, incorporating live scenario-based learning and skills development practice to support and enhance learning outcomes.

Over 50 sessions were run across the country. All members of staff were involved in identifying behaviour standards and now recognise their responsibility to act if they experience or witness unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. 


  1. Identifying a blame culture

  2. Managing the impact of organisational change on safety

A submerging submarine at sea


After the training, 89% of staff said they understood which behaviours to encourage and which to avoid.

Challenging unacceptable behaviour in all its forms and encouraging bystander responsibility are practices that reflect a healthy organisation. The SDA leaders understood this and inspired their team by role modelling standards of behaviour. The SDA can maintain their progress through a programme of reinforcement, communication, and recognition. 

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