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“The Royal Navy worked with the Garnett Foundation to update and improve our Diversity and Inclusion Training package. At all times they provided a professional and supportive service. The team at TGF are proactive in their approach, being experts in the field of D&I they were able to provide a high level of support during this collaboration process, resulting in the creation of a new and innovative training package.”

Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Dallamore, Navy Command HQ

Filmed scenario on behaviours whilst in close proximity,  on a Royal Navy ship


For personnel to create a film centred around organisation-specific topics to be included in the Navy’s own training packages.

How we did it:

We ran a series of focus groups, which included a cross-section of naval staff and D&IA’s to understand the organisation’s issues and ensure that our product was bespoke, relevant, and fit for purpose.


Using our research, we created a training film that provided a flexible resource to encourage people to challenge perceptions, explore topics and openly discuss a breadth of diversity and inclusion issues. We also developed a facilitators’ manual to support the training staff by highlighting key themes that arose from the focus groups and signalled the wider context of the Navy’s Lead Elements.


  1. Giving and receiving feedback

  2. Practical tools on how to tackle inappropriate behaviour

  3. Leadership styles

  4. Bystander responsibility

  5. Managing banter

  6. Unconscious bias

Representation of the ships our filmed scenarios are sent to for personnel onboard to have similar training to those on land
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