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Using the distinct objectives provided, we were required to design a bespoke programme to support the workings and teachings of Defence Support, Strategic Command at Shrivenham. This course specifically explored how MOD trainers could manage their classrooms in an inclusive way.


The workshop was designed with two distinct sections; an initial period of learning facilitation followed by scenarios. The participants had the opportunity to discuss and practice the skills and techniques required to promote and maintain a fair and inclusive learning environment. We covered a wide range of educational and pedagogical theory and techniques whilst focussing on how to address and inclusively manage behaviours and situations [that were unique to the JSCSC environment].


The pilot programme was successfully rolled out in 2018 and the Inclusive Classroom programme is now an established and ongoing part of initial training for Defence Academy training staff.


  1. Provide an academic environment where views and opinions can be expressed openly and freely.

  2. Encourage integrity, honesty and personal responsibility amongst staff and students.

  3. Create an inclusive, accepting, and collegial environment.

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