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Improving performance dramatically
Inclusive, immersive, interactive

Working across the defence sector our bespoke training programmes are immersive, adaptive and responsive to reflect an evolving societal and work environment.

As a leading provider of behaviour and culture change programmes, we deliver a range of unique and powerful approaches to the learning and development experience.

By bringing workplace experiences to life, we create a platform to deliver positive outcomes.  Our performance drives participant engagement, is non-judgemental and is charged with an energy that touches everyone in the audience.


What are the benefits of this approach?

      • Interactivity:  experiential learning involves participants in a way that classroom training never can.
      • Explore difficult issues:  these can be generic or specific to an organisation.
      • A non-threatening, safe environment: to reflect on their participants’ own and others’ behaviour.
      • Engagement of all the senses:  a key advantage over lectures and classroom-based learning.
      • Sustained impact on behaviour:  lessons are better learned through experience. Experiential training has a sustained impact on behaviour, attitudes and performance.
      • Cost effective:  live drama-based training, can deliver a powerful and meaningful experience for large numbers at a time.