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Our performance improves your performance
Our performance improves your performance

Organisational Values & Behaviours

An organisation’s success cannot be measured solely by its financial performance, conducting business with integrity and respect is equally vital to the reputation, brand and longevity of the company.

As well as having the right structure and processes in place, it is important that people focus on ‘what’ they do and ‘how’ they do it, and these associated behaviours need to be aligned with the organisation’s values.   We involve people in an organisation-wide conversation, looking at new ways to model involvement and engagement.

Delivering cultural and behavioural change

We work hand-in-glove with our clients to ensure that our programmes meet their specific needs and expectations. We specialise in programmes involving large numbers of delegates – essential for delivering broad cultural change, and enables us to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Through our experiential drama-based training programmes, we can:

      • CHALLENGE entrenched attitudes
      • BUILD shared aspirations and understanding of the business case
      • LEVERAGE core inclusive leadership behaviours
      • HELP build a culture of inclusion

Key pointers for successful culture change:

  1. Role modelling from the top – people watch what leaders do rather than what they say. Responsibility and commitment of leaders and opinion-formers is key to embedding a new culture.
  2. Involvement and engagement – ensure the conversation around culture change involves as many people as possible from the front line up. Equip managers with the skills to have authentic conversations and interactions with people, to develop insights and take action.
  3. Clarity of objectives and outcomes – if people are clear of the shared vision and direction of the organisation, and involved in its shaping, they will be more likely to embrace it.
  4. Measure change – use diverse channels to connect the leadership with the front line and seek honest feedback. Build communities of interest around the various facets of change.
  5. Link the customer to the change process – involve your customers in what can and needs to change.   Bring the voice of the customer into the organisation, and do not be afraid to ask for feedback.
  6. Reward – catch people ‘doing it right’ and reward openly. Adjust performance management processes to assess behaviours alongside other measures of success.

“The feedback across the board was all remarkably positive, pretty much unprecedented in its positivity in my experience.”

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom


We run training courses designed to equip participants with facilitation, assessment and reporting skills to run focus groups that create an encouraging and impartial environment, allowing staff to confidently articulate their honest views, lived experiences and opinions on a range of themes to ascertain the ‘climate’ of their organisation.