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Creating Workplaces
Creating workplaces where all can thrive

Understanding your organisational culture

With over 20 years’ experience of confidential immersive research, we are experts at getting under the skin of organisations and understanding the reality of your culture. Our team includes researchers, senior leaders who have delivered change in some of the UK’s largest organisations and nationally recognised thought leaders.

We are experts at delivering the work needed to understand how leadership teams see your organisation and, importantly, how all your staff feel about your culture. Everyone’s experience is different and from boardroom culture to canteen culture, the more you understand how everyone views the organisation the more you can achieve shared values and motivation.

As well as advice and consultancy, we also run climate assessments and train your staff to facilitate focus groups to establish the lived experience of people in your organisation. Our in depth and innovative approach to research yields results and gives real insight into your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.


We run training courses designed to equip participants with facilitation, assessment and reporting skills to run focus groups that create an encouraging and impartial environment, allowing staff to confidently articulate their honest views, lived experiences and opinions on a range of themes to ascertain the ‘climate’ of their organisation.