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Creating Authentic
Creating authentic and powerful learning programmes and service

Setting and growing the culture, values and standards

Starting at the top!   From Board level senior advice and programmes to management team activity, our expertise in leadership codes, senior leaders’ behaviour and delivering authentic inclusive leadership can help you harness the collective wisdom of the management team.

If you are already good we can make you great. We know that emotional intelligence and empathy are essential for leaders but we also know that there are many practical ways that all leaders, with busy operational roles, can embed inclusive leadership in your organisation. We deliver:

      •  Engaging senior leaders
      •  Executive leadership audit
      •  Leader follower relationship
      •  Leaders as role-models

Inclusive leadership and understanding diversity are essential for success and growth. Numerous studies have proved the correlation between diversity and profitability and most organisations have a positive narrative and business case. Sometimes what’s needed are the processes and systems that are the “doing” bit for an organisation.   We have the experience of developing implementable methods and best practice that can deliver you immediate and long term strategies and all the elements needed for an end to end programme that will address:

      •  Setting values, standards and culture
      •  Drama based training to shape your culture
      •  Speaking out and openness
      •  Managing conflict and conflict resolution
      •  Measuring of success