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Royal Navy

The Royal Navy believes that people are at the heart of the Naval Service capability and are vital to delivering operational effectiveness. To achieve this the Royal Navy gives people the same opportunities and value the individual skills and abilities that come with a diverse workforce.

The Royal Navy diversity strategy is set by the MOD, which recognises everyone’s unique contribution, their talents and experience.   Our engaging and powerful ‘Say What You See’ training DVD – which replaces ‘Including You’,  provides a flexible resource to encourage people to challenge perceptions, explore and openly discuss a breath of diversity and inclusion issues.   A range of scenarios explores topics such as giving and receiving feedback, practical tools on how to nip inappropriate behaviour in the bud, leadership styles, bystander responsibility, managing banter and unconscious bias. The DVD was designed for Navy trainers to include in their own training packages. Filming on naval ship

Having worked with the Royal Navy for several years, we were familiar with its culture and challenges.  However, to information the content we firstly ran a series of focus groups, which included a cross-section of naval staff and EDIAs to understand the key issues and ensure that the end product was bespoke, relevant and fit for purpose. We then developed a package which included an opening section covering the Equality Inclusion Policy and legal obligation of naval personnel, followed by a series of short scenarios covering a variety of diversity topics designed to spark discussion.

Finally, to accompany the DVD we developed a facilitators’ manual to support the training sessions, this document highlighted the key themes that arise from each scenario, and a suggestion of how it fits in with the Navy’s Lead Elements that their trainers have devised.

The Royal Navy worked with the Garnett Foundation to update and improve our Diversity and Inclusion Training package, at all times they  provided a professional and supportive service. The team at Garnett are proactive in their approach, being experts in the field of D&I they were able to provide a high level of support during this collaboration process, resulting in the creation of a new and innovative training package.”

Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Dallamore,  Navy Command HQ