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Royal Air Force

The RAF offers over 50 different careers and recognizes the pivotal importance of a truly diverse workforce. The unique skills and values that diverse individuals bring to the RAF are an essential facet of its function, whether at home supporting communities or overseas on operations.   From the Management Board downwards, the RAF is committed to ensuring that it continues to develop and improve its culture of inclusion at every level of the organisation.

The Garnett Foundation has worked with the RAF since 2003, playing its part in working towards this ambition.   From devising major training solutions involving over 6000 personnel on embracing diversity and the implications on operational effectiveness in the 21stcentury; to roadshows on topics such as mediation; to developing easily accessible training materials and DVDs.    

Face it Fix it

In collaboration with the RAF we developed an interactive training programme called Face it Fix it. The centrepiece of the programme was a specially scripted and filmed (at RAF Halton) DVD which involved up-to-the-minute scenarios with recognizable characters that people could relate to.

Face it Fix it focussed on 

·         how to create an inclusive work environment

·         how to recognise when things have gone too far

·         how to address inappropriate behaviour, immediately and effectively.

·         the protected characteristics in the Equality Act.

To programme was targeted at a large number of RAF personnel.  To facilitate this we developed a clear course guide with supporting materials as part of a training the trainer programme, aimed at the RAF’s Equality & Diversity Advisors, who would then train personnel across the bases competently and confidently.  The Face it Fix programme is CIPD approved.