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Designed to inspire positive change in the work place


Training programmes

If you seek to improve the confidence and competence of your personnel, then we can help develop their skills and effectiveness at every level of the organisation – from the senior leadership team to the front line.

Designed to inspire positive change in the workplace, and transform the way people perform at work, our pioneering/innovative approach:

      • brings your workplace experience to life,
      • successful as single or multi-service programmes
      • encourages debate, and inspires idea sharing, involvement and inclusiveness,
      • gets the message across in a vibrant, dramatic and memorable way, and
      • generates a platform to deliver positive workplace outcomes.

Whilst many defence training focuses on single organisations, others bring together multiple services each with their own unique and complex culture.   Our powerful approach breaks down barriers and provides a positive shared learning experience where individuals can challenge behaviours and find ways of working collaboratively and inclusively.Army values

Through a process of pioneering techniques the audience, irrespective of rank or grade, is transformed. Solutions begin to emerge.  Outcomes are discussed, providing a clear route forward to change workplaces for the better.

Our training is bespoke – designed with you, for you. We bring our delivery teams to your locations and have performed in aircraft hangers, lecture halls, training establishments and many more venues to ensure the training is always cost effectiveness and makes the best use of resources.

Evaluating and measuring shifts in behaviour and performance is of key importance, and we develop with clients the best approach to adopt which suits the organisation’s culture and learning styles.