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Improving the quality of working life and leadership
Improving the quality of working life and leadership


Our history is all about inclusive workplaces.

Garnett Interactive has been delivering bespoke behaviour and culture change programmes in workplaces across the UK since 1994.  Andy Garnett founded The Garnett Foundation in 1994, and has more than 30 years’ experience in advising on leadership, management and organisational change.

Andy took inspiration from his uncle John Garnett CBE, who in 1962 was appointed Director of The Industrial Society.  John became a well-known speaker, campaigner and thought-leader in industrial relations for a quarter of a century.

Our roots are firmly embedded in the traditions of the campaign to improve industrial relations and strengthen employees’ rights and dignity.

Our history is steeped in the stories and experiences of organisations, which made the commitment to improving the quality of working life and leadership.


“Train people to do, and they will become.”

John Garnett CBE