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Information Systems and Services (ISS)


Inclusive Leadership


To explore an inclusive working culture, covering issues such as challenges around leadership vs management and appropriate supervision styles.


We developed a training programme which allowed the delegates to evaluate the lived experience of working within ISS and build practical action plans to achieve a more inclusive working environment. Key themes covered challenges around leadership styles, existing organisational culture, the need for responsible guidance, behaviours – blame and subtle bullying and harassment.

This training used forum theatre and scenario-based activities to allow delegates to “step into the shoes” of others and experience and understand what they may consider to be normal and acceptable behaviours from another standpoint. We explored three key characters as a vehicle for exploration and discovery, together with linking the observed behaviours to wider policies within the organisation.


  • Behaviours

  • Blame Culture

  • Challenging inappropriate behaviours

  • Subtle Bullying & Harassment

  • Empire building

  • Confidence to speak out

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