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Black Lives Matter: Dismantling destructive attitudes that lead to discrimination in the workplace

The way we live our lives has changed in the space of six months and has understandably made many people anxious for the future. However, contrary to the slightly ominous tone, this post is about hope. Hope in the form of opportunity, to learn and adapt, thus strengthening the culture of inclusivity in the workplace. In light of recent events, I’ll be focusing on race and elements of the black experience and how certain narratives can contribute to our conscious and unconscious bias surrounding “black-ness.” It is my belief that to dismantle destructive attitudes that lead to discrimination, you must first look at the root cause. Through understanding and examination, we can start to develop behaviours that encourage equality and support growth.

Bullying – no place for it

Managing people effectively means getting the best out of everyone in the team.   This involves valuing their contribution, giving feedback constructively and engaging with the whole team to make sure they are working collaboratively to achieve their objectives. How,...

Are you a valued employee?

No matter what you do it is never enough. Have you ever felt devalued in the workplace? Do you feel like you never seem to get anything right? Feeling valued is a huge part of creating a healthy and happy work environment. Find out how to recognise when you are being devalued and what changes you can make to improve your work-life balance.

Sexual harassment– not in your workplace?

The allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein started a series of high profile exposures of sexual harassment that appear to affect many workplaces and industries across the world. The revelations and the subsequent #Me Too campaign, are seeing women...