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Everything we do
Everything we do has one goal - to improve the performance of our clients
Everything we do
Everything we do has one goal - to improve the performance of our clients
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Driven by the growing need and our passion for inspiring behaviour and culture change, we deliver powerful and memorable workplace learning experiences across the Defence Sector.   With our roots firmly in learning and development, we believe a creative approach provides a powerful platform to engage, challenge mindsets and develop potential – the key to transforming organisational culture. 


We have embedded ourselves within the culture and ethos of the defence sector, working across the MOD since 2003.  We strive to transform how military and civilian staff perform by creating positive, inclusive workplaces.  Our immersion in the defence sector has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the different environments, challenges and lived experiences of personnel and leaders. 

As pioneers of experiential learning, we use live drama-based training, involving professional actors.  Together with our team of training professionals they combine a wealth of sector and learning and development experience to create robust, credible training solutions.   


    Our value-based service:

    Value – providing a valuable learning process for your workforce and your budget

    Passion– aspiring to create a better world by changing the behaviour in your workplace for the better.

    Customer focus– putting clients at the heart of all we do

    Quality– we pride ourselves on the quality of our learning interventions and are committed to providing the highest service available

    Inclusive– we include all your stakeholders in the process of development and consultation

    Responsive– we continuously listen and adapt to reflect learning and issues raised during projects

    Supportive– Support runs right through our business, from training and developing our people, to ensuring our clients flourish in a safe learning environment.