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The aim was to create a trusting work environment that sees the benefit of people talking about acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and language as a positive and important aspect of building a productive, valued workforce.

What we did

We undertook research into the current culture of the organisation and facilitated a series of virtual focus groups with a cross section of personnel.  This provided a valuable insight into the challenging and pressured environment, the Delegation’s language and hierarchy.  From this we developed a virtual programme for all staff and included live drama scenarios, to reflect the organisation and stimulate discourse and engagement.


By creating characters and scenarios that mirrored interactions between staff, participants were able to challenge their perceptions and assumptions, consider communication and leadership styles and reflect on how they give and receive feedback constructively.   The challenges and strengths of different cultures, civil service and military, enabled greater understanding of difference and what was needed to build productive, collaborative teams, where everyone is respected and valued. The programme reflected on psychological safety and emotional intelligence.  


  1. Encouraging inclusive behaviour

  2. Bridging civil service and military values

  3. Highlighting positive behaviour

  4. Recognising bullying, harassment, discrimination

  5. How to challenge inappropriate behaviour 

Image by Marek Studzinski


Following the group exercises and discussions, we produced a report highlighting the key areas for action and recommendations.  Each participant produced their own individual and team action plan which will be discussed in relevant meetings.   Several policy amends were offered to assist understanding and meaningful examples.  After the training was complete our feedback report indicated participants understood:

  • What an inclusive culture looks like

  • How to challenge inappropriate behaviour

  • What language and behaviour underpins/undermines Civil Service/MOD values

  • What bullying behaviours look like and unconscious bias

  • What resources/signposting exists to support personnel

  • Their personal responsibility to treat colleagues with dignity and respect, regardless of status or position.

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