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Inclusive, immersive, interactive

Workplaces fit for the 21st century

Driven by the need to achieve strategic goals, organisations need to invest in their people to improve skills and competences. Working across the defence sector our training programmes are fit for purpose, adaptive and responsive to reflect the changing environment.

Over the past twenty years we have worked with a whole spectrum of organisations from uniformed services, to defence agencies to private companies.  We are a leading provider of behaviour and culture change programmes, delivering a unique and powerful approach to the learning and development experience.

By bringing workplace experiences to life, we create a platform to deliver positive outcomes.   Our performance drives participant engagement and is charged with an energy that touches everyone in the audience.

Through a process of pioneering techniques, the audience is transformed.  Solutions begin to emerge.  Outcomes are discussed, providing a clear route forward in changing workplaces for the better.

What are the benefits of this approach?

      • Interactivity:  experiential learning involves participants in a way that classroom training never can.
      • Explore difficult issues:  these can be generic or specific to an organisation.
      • A non-threatening, safe environment: to reflect on their participants’ own and others’ behaviour.
      • Engagement of all the senses:  a key advantage over lectures and classroom-based learning.
      • Sustained impact on behaviour:  lessons are better learned through experience. Experiential training has a sustained impact on behaviour, attitudes and performance.
      • Cost effective:  live drama-based training, can deliver a powerful and meaningful experience for large numbers at a time.