Our Approach

To evolve and be successful we must adapt and change – this can be scary – however with our approach you won’t even know it’s happening!   We create bespoke, powerful programmes that win hearts and minds and improve how people perform at work.

Experiential learning is the heart of almost all our programmes and interventions.   It involves a unique blend of professional facilitation, live theatre, and interactive drama-based methods.   It transforms how people behave at work by holding up a mirror providing a unique opportunity for people to develop greater self-knowledge and awareness – in a safe learning environment.

Managing conflict, inappropriate behaviour

In addition to in-house training, we also produce training DVDs, e-learning packages, training the trainer programmes, and design and deliver bespoke sessions on major conferences and promotional events.

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  • CHALLENGING MINDSETS leading to improved service delivery and performance
  • UNLOCKING POTENTIAL and enhancing performance
  • Communicating COMPLEX ISSUES and new initiatives
  • Influencing and changing ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE
  • TRANSFORMATION programmes that bring lasting change
  • Promoting COMMUNITY COHESION by bringing together multi-agency partnerships



Our approach in action

Circle 33We loved what you did! We were delighted with the way you researched, structured and executed the interactive sessions. Your team was a major factor in the overall success of the conference with a fantastic positive response from staff to the event.”

Managing Director, Circle Housing

ArrivaThe Valuing and Managing Difference workshops featuring customised theatre experiences, exceeded my expectations and you can see change taking place on a daily basis.”

HR Director, Arriva plc

GCC _RGBThe Garnett Foundation turn traditional learning approaches on their head… participants are plunged head-first into a real-life situation and need to think their way around it. This is key to delivering the culture change we are aiming for.”

Gloucestershire County Council

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CBH were delighted with the full staff awareness raising sessions conducted by the Garnett Foundation on Equality and Diversity. The test has to be that the format is one which staff have clearly both enjoyed and remembered. The enthusiasm of the actors and the ability to interact is an excellent combination to "making it real".

Chief Executive, Cheltenham Borough Homes