Easier said than done

Studying Leadership is an important but academic activity.  Learning how to be an effective leader and applying those skills in the work place is what will lead us to economic success.

I recently enjoyed summer tea with my cousin Pedita Hunt who has led a team of highly committed people in an ambitious project to completely transform the Watts Gallery, just off the A3 at Compton, I highly recommend it is as a tranquil and reflective place to visit. And a great example of what good leadership can achieve.

Also present at the tea party was Professor John Adair.  He is a great leadership thinker and campaigner on Action Centred Leadership, now in its 50th year, and John remains as active as ever promoting across the globe the importance of effective leadership action.

I was reminded of a resounding mantra of John Garnett CBE, who led the work of the Industrial Society the lead body for delivering Action Centred Leadership,  ‘Train people to do and they will become’.

I read the recent report from the CIPD with interest Easier said than done Three key steps to improving leadership capacity.

The report’s author Ksenia Zhelthoukhova said in summary “In order to be effective, leadership development has to be supported with organisational practices that empower the workforce and foster engagement: team-working, behaviour-based performance management and succession planning, collective reward and recognition, to name just a few. Forward-looking organisations are using innovative methods of job and organisation design, to create agile organisational environments and cultures that enable leadership at all levels of the business.”

Or in short Achieve the Task, Build the Team and Develop the Individual it is forever thus.  The three circles of leadership are an essential piece of instruction for any of us required to call forth the gifts of others.  John Adair we salute you.

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