Creating inclusive workplaces – showcase

Our training is engaging, challenging and fun! But don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself! It really is the best way of understanding the power and value of our innovative learning, using live drama.  Join one of our taster sessions along with other L&D professionals.

We will tackle the issue of poor staff behaviours and how they impact on creating an inclusive culture in the workplace.   The session will incorporate forum theatre workshops, a non-threatening way of exploring issues using actors directed by the audience.  The discussions are informal and within small groups.  They do not require participants to act, or stand up and address the audience.

The session will address:  

  • Recognising and valuing diversity and inclusion
  • Skills to challenge inappropriate behaviours/language
  • Building stronger effective team working
  • Assumptions and perceptions relating to bullying and harassment
  • Improving communication across teams
  • Exploring unconscious bias
  • Retention of talent

Outline programme

Where are we now? 

Using interactive voting technology, participants respond to a series of questions regarding their views, knowledge and experiences.

Suit the words to the action, the action to the words      

A prepared scene is performed by professional actors with the action of the drama being stopped at a point of conflict.  Participants work with a character and through discussion with the actor, direct the continuation of the scene resolving the issues using their own experience.  Participants explore a range of issues including banter, stereotypes, communication and team working.

Challenging inappropriate behaviour and language

A practical session to identify the tools and techniques for challenging inappropriate behaviour and language.

Working together better

  • The differences between bullying, banter and robust management in the workplace
  • How unconscious bias drives behaviour, affects decision-making and impacts on interaction with others
  • Vital elements to develop an inclusive culture and unlock potential

Identify the learning and action planning     

Participants debate and identify key issues that impact on them and their organisation and come up with practical solutions to improve diversity in the workplace.



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