Culture Change Consultancy

We have a leading-edge consultancy that can improve performance, create bespoke best practice strategies for your organisation and engage your leaders and workforce at every stage.

Our team has many years of experience from Board level to practitioner in the private and public sector and can help you inspire and lead change in your organisation.  We are passionate about the way inclusive leaders and inspired followers give organisations the power to gain advantage in their sector.  Our difference is that as well as delivering unique and effective consultancy and training, we recognise that organisations need practical strategies and implementable solutions.  Our team is not only able to guide and support your inclusive leadership and culture but can also put award winning policies and capacity in place for you.leadership-brainstorm

We know that the latest developments such as AI, data analysis and technology are giving organisations new challenges and opportunities and are often seen as the latest thinking to be embraced but we also know that behind everything you do are your people.  Our insight and analysis, allied to our inclusive leadership expertise, can create the cultures people want to work in and the team customers want to work with.

Inclusive Leadership Development

From Board level senior advice and programmes to management team activity, our expertise in leadership codes, senior leaders’ behaviour and delivering genuine inclusive leadership can solve your toughest problems.  If you are already good we can make you great.  We know that emotional intelligence and empathy are essential for leaders but we also know that there are many practical ways that all leaders, with busy operational roles, can embed inclusive leadership in your organisation.  We deliver:

  • Engaging senior leaders
  • Personal Inclusive leadership effectiveness   
  • Building Relationships      

Taking Action

Leadership and understanding diversity and inclusion are essential for success.  Numerous studies have proved the correlation between diversity and profitability and most  organisations have a positive narrative and business case.  Sometimes what’s needed are the processes and systems that are the “doing” bit for an organisation.   We have the experience of developing exportable methods and best practice that can deliver you immediate and long term strategies and all the elements needed for an end to end programme that will address:

  • Setting values, standards and culture   
  • Understanding your culture and climate assessment
  • Moving leadership and culture from where it is now to where you want it to be
  • Supporting leaders and the workforce
  • Speaking out and openness
  • Managing conflict and conflict resolution
  • Measures of success
  • Continuous Improvement

Better performing culture

With over 20 years’ experience of confidential immersive research, we are experts at getting under the skin of organisations and understanding the reality of your culture.  Our team includes researchers, senior leaders who have delivered change in some of the UK’s largest organisations and nationally recognised thought leaders.  Our expertise is in delivering you   the culture you want that is bespoke for your organisation and sector.  We know that culture change needs to be driven from the top and from the grass roots.  We know how to make the changes that will keep your workforce with you for the long term, make everyone more committed to your organisation’s output and make yours a great place to work.    Everyone has a work place, the best cultures make it a great one:

  • Leading people through change
  • Bias – conscious and unconscious

Bringing it to life

For us, culture change, inclusive leadership, diversity and progress need more than a traditional consultancy approach.  Our 20 years of experience of interactive engagement, unique and inspiring drama based delivery and diverse range of talent and experience,  enable us to deliver results across a spectrum of needs.  We bring to life the reality of your culture, use interaction and drama to engage with you on what you do now and, importantly, explore what you want the future to look like.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution to achieving your aspirations and dealing with your challenges.  We are able to provide solutions tailored to your sector, size and every other factor that is unique and important to you through:

  • Initial insight, assessment, analysis and consultancy
  • Board and senior leader engagement
  • Interactive engagement with the whole work force




Mark Abraham, our new Head of Consultancy, was the Chief Operating Officer for one of the largest employers in the UK and had previously been the head of employment, diversity and inclusion.  His successful senior leadership experience is in mainstream strategic, operational and organisational leadership allied to people, cultural change, inclusive leadership and diversity. 

Having operated at every level up to boardroom, been a senior leader and worked across government and the private sector, he is ideally placed to advise boards, create strategies and mentor senior leaders on inclusive leadership, diversity and achieving genuine culture and behavioural change.