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At the heart of the health service is people. Therefore, crucial to its success is the positive and effective interaction and engagement between staff and patients with everyone feeling valued and included.

Our approach puts people at the centre of the training; from research and development to delivery through to embedding and sustaining the learning. Each programme is bespoke and tailored.  Based on detailed research, the dramatised scenarios and monologues reflect reality ensuring they are relevant, relatable and secure maximum buy-in from participants.  Engagement is key to ensuring the training objectives are not only met, but also embedded and sustained.

Having worked with more than 45 different health organisations and Trusts over the past 25 years, we have a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the unique environment, demands and culture of the health service.

Our drama-based methodologies can be used in a range of training settings to suit your requirements from half-day sessions for small groups to full-day large-scale conferences and everything in between.

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Working collaboratively with clients we have developed bespoke programmes covering a diverse range of topics and training objectives including:

  • Embedding organisational values and behaviours 
  • Patient experience
  • Leadership and management
  • Dignity at work – including tackling bullying and harassment
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Bullying and Harassment Contact Officers’ training
  • Responding to staff survey results
  • King's College Hospital

    Improving the patient experience – living our values

    Following the programme, positive impact reflected by the Trust achieving its highest ever score in its How Are We Doing (HRWD) survey of King’s patients. 95% of delegates sampled said they would recommend the training,

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  • North Middlesex University Hospital

    Bullying & Harassment Contact Officers’ Training

    Preparing individuals for the demands of the new Contact Officer’s role, building their confidence and competence. By adopting a range of interactive approaches with actors, we were able to make the learning a safe place to practice new skills.

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  • RCM logo

    Caring for You Campaign

    Using issues raised by medics, midwives, HOM’s and families, the program focussed on raising awareness of what constitutes unprofessional behaviour and the importance of challenging it in order to promote a cohesive and respectful workplace environment.

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Having worked as a doctor and psychiatrist in the NHS for a number of years, I was amazed at the relevance and accuracy of the material we used, and how it facilitated conversations and exploration of so many gritty issues.

Former NHS employee

Following the Francis Report, the Care Quality Commission has introduced a more rigorous and wide-ranging approach to inspecting health care providers. There are now five key areas organisations should focus on to demonstrate they are ‘well-led’.

  • Inspiring vision
  • Governance – ensuring clear accountabilities and effective processes
  • Developing open and transparent leadership, culture and values
  • Staff and patient engagement
  • Learning and innovation