Working across the NHS

The NHS is constantly challenged by its size, by the diversity of its staff and patients, by regulation and reorganisation, by pressures of costs, increasing patient numbers, an ageing population – the list is endless.  But at the heart of the service are people, and the interaction between staff, carers and patients is crucial to its success.   High performing Trusts exhibit organisational cultures that deliver high-quality, continually improving and compassionate care.

We offer a solid knowledge base, having worked with more than 45 different NHS organisations over the past 20 years.   Our experiential learning programmes using drama based training are highly suited to helping embed Trust values by providing a learning environment where people can engage, contribute and challenge in a supportive and safe space.

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We have delivered projects around:

  • PALS
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • The patient experience
  • The essence of caring
  • Team working
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Values and behaviour
  • King's College Hospital

    Improving the patient experience – living our values

    Following the programme, positive impact reflected by the Trust achieving its highest ever score in its How Are We Doing (HRWD) survey of King’s patients. 95% of delegates sampled said they would recommend the training,

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  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals logo

    The Patient Experience

    Two theatrical performances and bespoke forum theatre workshops exploring culture, behaviours and attitudes of participants, and the changes they could make to provide a service aligned to the needs and wants of their patients.

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  • Lincolnshire Partnership logo

    Accessing Mental Health Services

    Interactive behavioural training including a bespoke DVD. Emphasis on empathy, promoting understanding about the diversity of service user’s needs in Lincolnshire, focusing specifically on the BME community and access to psychological healthcare.

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  • North Middlesex University Hospital

    Bullying & Harassment Contact Officers’ Training

    Preparing individuals for the demands of the new Contact Officer’s role, building their confidence and competence. By adopting a range of interactive approaches with actors, we were able to make the learning a safe place to practice new skills.

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  • Whittington Health logo

    The Essence of Caring

    A programme to explore the essence of caring on the wards. Theatrical scenarios were developed from observation and research at the hospital. Issues were explored in an open environment, using voting questions, and personal action plans were developed.

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  • RCM logo

    Caring for You Campaign

    Using issues raised by medics, midwives, HOM’s and families, the program focussed on raising awareness of what constitutes unprofessional behaviour and the importance of challenging it in order to promote a cohesive and respectful workplace environment.

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Having worked as a doctor and psychiatrist in the NHS for a number of years, I was amazed at the relevance and accuracy of the material we used, and how it facilitated conversations and exploration of so many gritty issues.

Former NHS employee

Following the Francis Report, the Care Quality Commission has introduced a more rigorous and wide-ranging approach to inspecting health care providers. There are now five key areas organisations should focus on to demonstrate they are ‘well-led’.

  • Inspiring vision
  • Governance – ensuring clear accountabilities and effective processes
  • Developing open and transparent leadership, culture and values
  • Staff and patient engagement
  • Learning and innovation