Working across Defence

We have worked across the defence industry for the past 15 years. Our relationship has equipped us with extensive knowledge and experience of the challenges, dynamics and differences between the different organisations and agencies.  With both the civilian and uniformed services we have worked to reinforce and underpin behaviours, practices and language that support policies and values, including health and safety, diversity and inclusion and leadership.

The MOD values and behaviour standards are set to encourage team cohesiveness, operational effectiveness and encourage high moral conduct. Our training provides an environment where lively exchange of views and opinions is encouraged, challenging perceptions, rooting out prejudice and winning personal commitment towards delivering a first class public service.
Inclusive workplaces

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“The feedback from across all ranks who attended was extremely positive.    A number of delegates thought the actors were members of the Royal Military Police, a huge compliment I assure you.  The credibility, emotion, flexibility and delivery of the actors was outstanding.”
Col D A Poneskis RMP
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A new report on Inclusive Leadership:culture change for business success produced by Opportunity Now and Shapiro Consulting, explores how five pioneering organisations, including the British Army, have helped form a five point framework to develop and embed inclusive leadership. Case studies highlight how the Army went about embedding diversity and inclusion into their existing leadership framework. The Garnett Foundation has been responsible for designing and delivering these elements into core leadership programmes, including for new recruits. The report also highlighted a training DVD we produced on Challenging Behaviours with the aim of developing behaviours and actions that characterise great inclusive leaders.

It was by far the best training I have seen on the subject in my 25 years in the Army

Capt J S Harvard