Working with Local Government

The public sector is responding to an unprecedented period of change and efficiency measures in order to transform services and the employment landscape, it is now time to innovate and create flexible, skilled workforces.

Our robust, award winning approach has been adopted by over 50 local authorities across the country since 1994, and spans Council Member development, to team building events, to community engagement activities, to partnership working projects.

Development programmes include:

  • Transformation and skills
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Management development
  • Dignity and respect
  • Nolan Principles
  • Culture change and co-production
  • Values and behaviours
  • Team building and communication
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Tackling bullying and harassment
  • Early Years Workforce Leadership & Management
Delegate Interaction, CCCU, 005
“The course was brilliant– expertly run, interactive and made a person really think – everyone should have the chance to participate in this one – it was brilliant.”
Buckinghamshire County Council
  • East Sussex County Council logo

    Leadership & Management in Early Years settings

    Events focusing on improving leadership skills; performance management; communication and managing change, and courageous conversations. Designed to embed a culture of continuous quality in pre-school nursery settings.

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  • Essex County Council

    Leadership development – Early years workforce

    Programme of one-day management and leadership skills modules for early years workforce. Audience response technology gathered anonymous views from participants, providing instant insights into reactions and feelings, and data to inform future discussions and ensure inclusivity.

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  • Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

    Workplace Diversity: From Policy to Practice

    Electronic voting technology enabled delegates to examine anonymously whether their views were in line with others’ and discuss ways of shifting attitudes that may negatively impact on the council and its services.

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  • Lincolnshire County Council logo

    Respecting Others – Working Better

    Programme featuring bespoke high impact 30 minute play, examining management of bullying and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. Provided a catalyst to effect change, Underpinning the council’s values of fair and respectful treatment.

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  • Values and Behaviours logo

    Values, Inclusion and Behaviours

    Research carried out with a cross section of staff and customers revealed a number of consistent themes relating to diversity and inclusion. These were then developed into a tailored, interactive training session using scripted scenarios.

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  • Gloucester CC logo

    Culture change and Co-production

    Bespoke interactive half day sessions focusing on co-production, positive risk-taking and the Council’s Building Better Lives policy. Highly inclusive sessions involved employees, disabled people, families, partners and providers to identify their part in making co-production a reality.

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Throughout the day you could almost see the penny drop for some individuals as an issue they must have been struggling with was addressed – but with laughter and discussion, so they left with new skills and a positive attitude for the future.

Early Years Workforce Development Manager, Lincolnshire County Council