Education Sector

We have worked across the Education sector for 20 years designing training programmes for staff, delivering curriculum elements for students, and bringing to life pieces of research and presenting the results.

Areas of focus include:

  • Raising awareness and confidence of equality and diversity in relation to staff and students
  • Identify organisational and personal responsibilities under the Equality Act
  • Leadership skills for heads and deputy heads
  • Values and behaviours
  • Culture change
  • Transforming policy into practice
  • Unlocking talent and improving performance
  • Reporting research results with energy and vision

The shift for some institutions to reflect the current customer driven climate has created a shift in organisational cultures and behaviours.   The complexity of needs from different faculties and departments requires bespoke tailoring of programmes to ensure ownership and buy-in from all staff to support the strategic direction of the organisation.  We have successfully achieved this in a number of universities.

“Treloar College found that using drama as a means of training delivery made a real impact on our staff and raised awareness of the issues surrounding diversity. As well as being a thoroughly enjoyable event it encouraged staff to share their thoughts and proved to be highly productive.”
HR Manager – Training and Development, Treloar College
  • University of Huddersfield

    Multidisciplinary Healthcare Professionals Equality and Diversity

    Bespoke training sessions providing the first opportunity for student healthcare professionals from nursing, podiatry, Social Work and Physiotherapy to attend a multidisciplinary course, focusing on co-operation, inclusivity and valuing differing professional roles.

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  • The University of Sheffield

    High Achieving Women – exploring progression, retention and performance

    Responding to research identifiying a number of barriers to women entering managerial positions, our programme enabled participants to discuss openly the barriers that they experienced, with a view to addressing them with the support of colleagues.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion, bullying and harassment

    Culture Change at Canterbury

    An interactive programme to engage staff from a wide range of disciplines, with the focus on problem-solving. Rather than a formal learning environment, which might be intimidating and unproductive, CCCU asked us to create a learning space where everyone could engage and feel comfortable.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion, bullying and harassment

    Culture change in Facilities Management

    To stimulate a culture change within the Facilities Management Department at CCCU, embracing equality and diversity, leading to improving performance and efficiency. Staff also gained a greater sense of confidence and value within the overall hierarchy of the university.

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