Working with Central Government

With the public sector facing unprecedented change and efficiency measures in order to transform services and the employment landscape, it is time to innovate and create flexible, skilled workforces.

Our robust, award winning approach has been extensively used across central government departments and agencies for over 16 years, focusing on:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Values and behaviours
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Team building
  • Customer services

Combining  techniques

Putting your objectives first, we offer bespoke training solutions, including drama-basetraining, conference sessions, and DVD production. The events, combining skilled, facilitated input and interactive techniques, help to explore organisational issues and provide an exciting, non-threatening and safe environment for people to learn.

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  • Legal Ombudsman logo

    Equality, diversity and human rights – Fair Play

    The formation of a new organisation is an ideal platform from which to establish and communicate key messages relating to behaviour and attitudes, and their impact on the service or business.

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  • Valuation Tribunal logo

    Leadership and Diversity Training

    Forum theatre delivering diversity training in London, Doncaster and Stafford. Areas addressed included organisational issues, taking responsibility and the benefits of positive communication. Personal action plans were committed to at the end of each event

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    Creating an Inclusive Culture

    The training identified our collective leadership responsibility to create an inclusive, fair culture that promotes positive working practices and leads to the best possible business outcomes.

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The events were a huge success and helped my team better understand how Diversity impacts on all aspects of our working day. The use of theatre as a way of increasing awareness and participation, proved to be far more productive than a traditional training event.

Principal Private Secretary to the Leader of the House of Commons