Leadership and Diversity Training

The Valuation Tribunal is an independent appeals tribunal, funded by Parliament, to handle council tax and rating appeals in England. It provides a free service and local hearings, and the members who hear appeals are volunteers.

Diversity training with theatreOver 300 Officers from across the service received diversity training using forum theatre at venues in London, Doncaster and Stafford. The rollout was a tremendous success with 70% of delegates reporting they found the events different, thought provoking and involving, and 98% of delegates saying they would recommend the event to a colleague.



Following the success of the ‘Diversity Awareness’ training throughout the Valuation Tribunal Service, The Garnett Foundation were asked to provide management/leadership sessions involving interactive scenarios and forum theatre, for Clerks and Senior Professional Tribunal Officers.

Current organisational issues were looked at as a group and solutions investigated, helping the teams consolidate learning from the day. Taking responsibility and the benefits of positive communication were some of the areas addressed. Personal action plans were committed to at the end of each event, with feedback showing delegates found the workshops extremely valuable and useful.

Valuation Tribunal100% said the training helped them commit to positive actions

98% would recommend the training to colleagues

91% agreed/strongly agreed that the training helped them understand and deal with difficult management issues