Shared Values and Behaviours

Through regional operations based in the communities where Sanctuary operates, it manages homes across England and Scotland, providing general rented, sheltered and home ownership accommodation.

Sanctuary understands the importance of developing and maintaining a culture that recognises the diversity of its workforce, its residents and all its stakeholders. It believes that this vision will not be achieved unless it responds positively to the wide social diversity in contemporary society and reflect this in their own organisational culture. We have worked with a number of regional operations to help address and embed this vision.

Zip up your Mouth 025The face of Rochford

Having worked closely with the Rochford Council, Rochford Housing Association contacted us to deliver a programme aimed at front line staff and contractors focusing on customer service and exploring their role as the face of Rochford HA to the local community.

A series of interactive scenario based workshops explored the importance of shared values and behaviours, and taking pride in delivering an excellent service. They brought together staff and residents from across Rochford Housing and partner organisations to challenge mindsets leading to a greater understanding of the importance of celebrating diversity and social inclusion.

Resident Involvement

Working with the Service Improvement and Involvement Manager, we developed a programme aimed at residents and Resident Scrutiny panel members. The residents came from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences in this area, and are in regular contact with staff and other residents.

The Resident Scrutiny Panel members are required to adhere to the Terms Of Reference and Code of Conduct, and the training covered key elements of this with the purpose to inform and also encourage new members to the panel.

Through carefully crafted scenarios and interactive forum theatre mirroring reality for the group, the session raised awareness and understanding of diversity; valuing and treating people with dignity and respect; and highlighted the importance of language and behaviour and its impact on all stakeholders. Participants had the opportunity to practice tools on how to challenge constructively which dramatically boosted confidence levels.

SanctuaryHousingInvolving residents in the way Sanctuary works has helped them to shape and monitor their services, and understand people’s needs and expectations. This is vital if they are to continuously improve their services in ways that make a positive difference to their residents and their neighbourhoods.

The training was absolutely excellent, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The content was exactly what we wanted and the delivery team were fabulous.

Service Improvement & Involvement Officer, Sanctuary Housing