Diversity in the RAF

The Garnett Foundation has been working with the RAF for over 8 years, researching and devising training solutions to address a range of areas.  One major project, involved training personnel on embracing diversity and the implications on operational effectiveness in the 21st century. Training involved a theatrical play as the centrepiece and provided a wide range of diversity issues which were explored in group work and further drama-based workshops. In total over 6000 personnel were trained.

RAF Mediation Training

Mediation is part of the MOD’s informal complaints procedure. It is impartial, cost-effective and can lead to a quick resolution. However it is a resource not often considered by staff and line-managers.

The RAF asked us to help promote mediation to military and civilian personnel across the UK. We developed an informative, interactive 2-hour session in collaboration with ACAS.

Actors portrayed a mediator and two parties requiring mediation, interwoven with voting questions to ensure understanding of the procedure and ACAS’ viewpoint on the value of mediation.  Delegates identified the value of the sessions as;

93% delegates agreed they were clearer on the value of the RAF’s mediation service

89% delegates agreed they would actively promote the mediation service

Face it Fix it

The Garnett Foundation in partnership with the RAF developed an interactive training programme called Face it Fix it. The centrepiece of the programme was a specially scripted and filmed DVD which involved up-to-the-minute scenarios with recognizable characters that people could relate to.

Face it Fix it focussed on

  • how to create an inclusive work environment
  • how to recognise when things have gone too far
  • how to address inappropriate behaviour, immediately and effectively.
  • the protected characteristics in the Equality Act.

To programme was targeted at a large number of RAF personnel.  To facilitate this we developed a clear course guide with supporting materials as part of a training the trainer programme, aimed at the RAF’s Equality & Diversity Advisors, who will train staff across the bases competently and confidently.  The Face it Fix programme is CIPD approved.

RAFFace It Fix It

The events have been the subject of unprecedented positive feedback from the delegates who attended, who found the day to be extremely worthwhile and a source of inspiration. There have been requests from delegates who wish to follow up some of the themes - and that can only be a positive thing in respect of 'mainstreaming' diversity in the Royal Air Force. Clearly it was an outstanding success built on the team efforts of all involved.

Group Captain PJ Sagar MBE The Royal Air Force