Bullying & Harassment Contact Officers’ Training

Bullying and harassment is a persistent problem in healthcare organisations, it damages staff health, costs employers sick pay and turnover and crucially it is also bad for patient care.    A positive step in addressing this is to launch a Bullying and Harassment Contact Officer service,  selecting individuals willing to act as a point of contact for staff who perceive that they have been subject to bullying and harassment. We were approached to design an induction programme for new contact officers, to prepare individuals for the demands of the Contact Officer’s role, building their confidence and competence. The content incorporated the Trust’s policy “Dignity at Work” and used case studies based around real incidents. The training adopted a range of interactive approaches with actors, making the learning a safe place to practice new skills.

Areas covered:

  • Gain practical skills in providing advice, guidance and support in a range of scenarios, addressing individuals’ experiences of bullying and harassment
  • Increase knowledge of relevant Trust policies
  • Explore skills in coaching, mentoring, training and mediating
  • Learn tools to deliver difficult messages; therefore nipping inappropriate behaviour in the bud and promoting incidents to be dealt with informally
  • Develop understanding of the viewpoint of the victim, perpetrator and witness
  • Improve skills in communication, listening, remaining impartial and building rapport

100% of delegates would recommend the training

Bullying and harassment

The group really benefitted and gained for your insight, support and guidance.
I have since received emails from participants lauding your praises, and how the quality of the programme has both inspired and increased their confidence as contact officers.

Deputy Director of Organisation Development and Learning, NMUH

The Bullying and Harassment Contact Officer training was exactly what we needed and has given us all the skills and knowledge we needed, a 5 star session.

West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group