Equality, diversity and human rights – Fair Play

The creation of the Legal Ombudsman marked a significant transformation in legal services, bringing about a new way of resolving legal complaints. The Legal Ombudsman set out to create a dynamic and vibrant work environment to help it become a world-class dispute resolution organisation.

To successfully achieve their aims they needed to ensure that all their staff had the confidence and knowledge to deal with the diverse needs of a multi-cultural public. The organisation wanted to clearly and enthusiastically communicate key messages around providing equality of opportunity, responsive and fair services and treating customers and each other with dignity and respect.

Working closely with The Legal Ombudsman we immersed ourselves in the core business processes and objectives which informed the content of a series of modules, ensuring relevance and accuracy. The programme was designed to have a sustaining effect on confidence, behaviour and performance underpinned by the LeO’s values.

The so what factor….

Following the training, a detailed report was compiled providing the Senior Management Team with information including the initial evaluation results, measured shifts in competencies, areas for development, shared learning ideas and next steps.

A total of 430 ‘commitments’ were made by delegates during the programme, with the most common focussing on:

  • Dealing with discrimination and inappropriate behaviour
  • Building empathy
  • Team and personal development
  • Examining behaviour
  • Assumptions and prejudgements
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