Challenge it, Change it!

Creating a culture shift across a workforce of 48,000 in an inspiring and consistent way was a challenge faced by The Prison Service. To achieve this they embarked on an ambitious programme to enable staff to recognise inappropriate behaviour, develop tools to be able to deal with inappropriate behaviour and understand the support mechanisms available.

This was achieved by developing the training skills of over 900 key personnel to act as ambassadors anHM Prisonsd train staff in their individual prisons. Following extensive research and working collaboratively with the Prison Service we developed a powerful training programme, focused around a bespoke DVD presenting real issues that arise in the service.

The ethos of ‘Challenge it, Change it’ will support a shift in language and behaviour that will impact on a more inclusive working culture.




Other projects we have worked on in The Prison Service:

  • Shared Working
  • Safety and Decency
  • Public Protection
  • Diversity
  • Custody Planning
  • Prisoner Induction
  • Communication Skills
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From a South West NOMS perspective the work carried out in partnership with the Garnett Foundation nationally, has proven to be highly worthwhile and reinforces both National and Local Equality agendas. I have no doubt that the course designed is having a positive impact on staff and the diverse environments in which they work around the region

Regional Diversity Advisor, HM Prisons

Thank you once again for the fantastic training. It was probably one of the best training events I have ever attended.

Head of Race Equality & Diversity, HMP Morton Hall