Customer Service Charter

Hightown Praetorian & churches Housing Association (HPCHA) are a regional housing association operating principally in Hertfordshire and east Buckinghamshire providing a wide range of housing and support services for families and single people including people with special needs.

They provide supported housing and care to people with learning disabilities, people with mental health problems, young people and other vulnerable groups. To underpin all aspects of HPCHA’s  Customer Charter and organisational values we developed a programme of training for all staff exploring their role in delivering excellent customer service.

Diversity training with theatre

The issues

These included the handling of complaints, delivering difficult messages, managing expectations and In developing and managing quality housing and support services to diverse cultural communities, it is vital that all residents, service users and employees are treated with dignity and respect. We therefore designed a series of drama-based events exploring diversity, equality and openness. The events supported the customer care training and gave participants the confidence and awareness to treat people fairly, better able to respond to the individual characteristics and circumstances of residents. taking personal responsibility for delivering on promises.


Hightown Praetorian and Churches Housing Association“Encouraging staff at HPCHA to take an introspective journey into examining their own prejudices, stimulated lively discussion and learning in a safe environment.”
Hightown Praetorian and Churches Housing Association


You never make progress unless people get into dialogue with each other.