Excellence in Customer Service on the High Street

Johnson Cleaners is the UK’s largest provider of dry cleaning, laundry and garment care services across the UK.

Johnsons CleanersMystery shopping programmes.

It was looking for an innovative way of introducing a new sales culture and mystery shopping programme within the business through a series of conferences. The Garnett Foundation produced a bespoke piece of theatre designed to consider whether Johnson’s provided a consistent level of customer service. Wrapped around the play were high energy interactive sessions exploring culture, leadership and critical actions for success to achieve the company vision.

Events formed part of a country-wide roadshow involving 700 branch managers and helped generate a passion and determination to strive for customer excellence.

Johnsons Cleaners

The Garnett Foundation team worked together with us from start to finish ensuring that the session was effective and targeted. The team went above and beyond to ensure that not only their part, but the whole of the conferences went well. The feedback from the events has been exceptional and I would recommend both this method and the Garnett Foundation for this type of event.

Anthony Barlow, Operations Director, Johnson Cleaners