Identity and Inspiration in the Probation Service

With a diversity week scheduled, we were approached by Essex Probation to design and deliver a series of bespoke events to run at the Probation Service offices across Essex.

The themes

Experienced by 275 staff, Identity and Inspiration were the themes of the events that toured Essex Probation offices across the county. At the centrepiece of the training was a bespoke 15 minute play focusing on four characters, an Offender Manager, Offender, Team Manager and Administrator. The play realistically mirrored behaviours that were highlighted during our research involving a range of different staff. As part of the session, participants identified people who had inspired them in their lives. They also explored communication tools and how to challenge people constructively.

“For me, that is the best diversity event we have had since I have been in the Service (15 years).  The actors were excellent and the material thought-provoking.”
Offender Management Admin, Essex Probation

I found the event very enjoyable, informative and useful. My attention was held throughout and I enjoyed how the subject was presented with humour. The actors and presenter were very good and almost too credible. One of the best pieces of training I have attended and I look forward to any future events.

Operations Manager, Essex Probation