Culture change and Co-production

Gloucestershire County Council’s Building Better Lives policy aims to improve the council’s services for people with disabilities through an all-age, all-disability approach, underpinned by the Care Act’s statutory guidance.  The policy sets out the council’s shared commitment to a new way of working, where decision makers and the important people in someone’s life will work with people with disabilities, carers and equality groups to improve their lives – in a nut shell ‘co-production’.

Working in partnership with service users and staff from across the council we designed bespoke interactive and engaging half day sessions focusing on co-production, positive risk-taking and the new BuildCo-production and Care Acting Better Lives policy. 

Session delivery

The sessions involved employees, disabled people, families, partners and providers to identify their part in making co-production a reality. Over 90% of attendees said they would recommend this training to others.  The majority of social care teams stated they now have a greater understanding of their role in co-production, with over 85% of all participants committing to an action as a result of the training.

GCC _RGBThe Care Act states than local authorities should, where possible, actively promote participation in providing services that involve individuals, families, friends, carers and the community.


Gloucestershire 2016 (001)


The Garnett Foundation turn traditional learning approaches on their head: rather than starting with the theory and trying to apply it, participants are plunged head-first into a real-life situation and need to think their way around it. This is key to delivering the culture change we are aiming for. Attendees have left the room commenting that they’ve never experienced training quite like it, that the time flew by and that it’s really made them think.

Agy Pasek, Strategy and Transformation Manager, Gloucestershire County Council