One Vision, One Voice

Circle 33 Housing Trust began life as a traditional housing association in 1968. In 2005 it merged with the Anglia Housing Group, and is now the largest partner subsidiary in the Circle Group (formerly Circe Anglia), owning 15,603 homes in and around London in 47 Local Authority areas.

A high priority for Circle 33 is tackling issues around diversity and anti-social behaviour with resident groups and officers. Sessions were delivered using interactive scenarios that facilitated participants to openly discuss experiences and solutions in a non-threatening environment. Communication techniques and styles were explored and practised, together with the importance of shaping responsive services that are developed with the service users’ active involvement. The events provided a useful additional forum for Circle 33, with participants engaging 100%.

High energy, fun and informative!!

As we understood the organisation thoroughly, we were well placed to run their annual staff conference. The themes were anti-social behaviour, communication, inclusion and resident involvement. Featuring a combination of guest speakers, voting quizzes, interactive theatre, group tasks and awards! A number of scenarios were performed to encourage people to recognise and explore how the mission of ‘Enhancing Life Chances’ translates into practical action through inter-team working, joining up and tailoring services, value for money and ensuring they hear and respond to the residents’ voice. The event buzzed, with total engagement and enthusiasm… it felt like an organisation where everyone was proud to work!!

Circle 33Zip up your Mouth 008

We loved what you did! We were delighted with the way you researched, structured and executed the interactive sessions. Your team was a major factor in the overall success of the conference with a fantastic positive response from staff to the event.

Managing Director, Circle 33 Housing Trust