British Army – Diversity and Inclusion

We have worked in partnership with the Army for over 8 years, designing scenario-based diversity and inclusion training programmes and supporting DVD package, modeled around the British Army’s core value of  ‘Respect for Others’.   The topics covered are designed to raise awareness and understanding, stimulate discussion and facilitate appropriate management of equality and diversity incidents.

RFO 2016 (014)

The programmes use a variety of interventions, designed in the context of the various disciplines and functions of the target audience. They explore bullying and harassment, behaviours, leadership and support.  The training is underpinned by the link between equality and diversity and operational effectiveness.

Over 30,000 people have received our training.

British Army


A new report on Inclusive Leadership:culture change for business success produced by Opportunity Now, explores how five pioneering organisations, including the British Army, have helped form a five point framework to develop and embed inclusive leadership.   Case studies highlight how the Army went about embedding diversity and inclusion into their existing leadership framework.  The Garnett Foundation has been responsible for designing and delivering these elements into core leadership programmes,  including for new recruits.  The report also highlighted a training DVD we produced on Challenging Behaviours with the aim of developing behaviours and actions that characterise great inclusive leaders.

I am the first to admit that I was sceptical about this project, however the team provided relevant, dynamic entertainment that trained the audience without the audience realising they were being trained. The enhanced opinions demonstrated by the voting system both before and after the training spoke volumes on the effectiveness and having witnessed what was probably the most sceptical of groups - even they demonstrated a marked improvement in understanding of the key issues.

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