Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

Arriva is one of the largest transport services organisations in Europe, employing some 55,900 people and delivering more than 1.5 billion passenger journeys across 15 European countries every year.

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Arriva’s widely diverse workforce reflects the communities they serve. Valuing and respecting diversity in colleagues and customers is underpinned by the group’s diversity policy. More than 7,000 employees across the group have experienced diversity training through their ‘Valuing and welcoming difference programme’, designed by The Garnett Foundation.

The programme which commenced with the top 200 managers, features a bespoke theatrical play which together with interactive workshops, has now trained over 1800 directors, managers, supervisors and staff on the importance of valuing and welcoming difference. The programme won a CBI Human Capital Award for Innovative Ways of Working.

Reaching a 24,000 strong workforce with consistent and effective training was a huge challenge.  We designed and implemented a ‘train the trainer’ programme through which 100 facilitators were equipped to deliver diversity training to Arriva staff, using a bespoke workshop and specially developed DVD. The training continues to be rolled out across the group.

Leadership and Communication Programme

Following the success of the Valuing, Managing and Welcoming Difference programme, they approached us to focus on their leadership and communication, designed to support their change programme.

Following research into the bus and train companies, we developed a one day programme for managers and supervisors which explored, culture, customer service, communication and their leadership role within the organisation. The programme was successfully rolled out across the UK. It was then delivered in Denmark, Portugal and Holland using our connections across Europe we selected teams in each country to deliver the training.


ArrivaMore than 7,000 employees across the Arriva group have experienced diversity training through their ‘Valuing and Welcoming Difference Programme’.


95% would recommend the training to supervisors and managers

94% personally committed to improving communication where they work

91% better understand the consequences of not communicating effectively