Resolving Conflict

APCOA was established in 1971 as a parking management company and now is the UK’s leading provider of tailored parking solutions with an established presence across 18 countries and approximately 4,300 employees.

Managing conflict, inappropriate behaviour

A ground-breaking piece of work was developed to help Parking Attendants improve their interpersonal skills and find strategies to handle extreme confrontation and abuse.

A play entitled “Fair Weather”  was written focusing on the experience of the parking attendant.  The scriptwriter spent time on the beat and in the control rooms, to experience first hand the levels of anger and abuse that these people had to deal with from all sections of the public.   The play sets out to raise awareness of the difficulties parking assistants faced and suggested solutions.     

The play formed part of a programme of events that ran across London.  The participation was outstanding.  The quality of the discussions afterwards showed how the play had struck a nerve, and also how committed the parking assistants were to improving the situation.

This project won the British Parking Awards category for Innovation.


The methods employed by The Garnett Foundation are original and impressive and were effective in equipping the Parking Attendant with tools and understanding to better interact with the public.

APCOA's Head of Central London Region

The actors were very skilled in helping PAs find solutions to communication problems, motivation, defusing potentially explosive situations and managing the public through improved interaction and communication.

Head of Region, ACPOA